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Corfiot Meat Products

The most typical Corfiot meat product is Noumboulo Foukamido. It is known in the area since the Venetian Era, where Corfiots were utilizing natural ways to retain their food. Noumboulo is actually a whole piece of pork fillet, marinated in wine and local seasoning, slightly smoked inside a natural intestine by burning aromatic branches and let mature naturally.

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The Noumpalo constitutes a unique choice for a buffet thanks to the subtle, spicy flavor, the pink color of the interior and the delicate aroma. Fits beautifully with the traditional real ale “Corfu beer”. It can be combined with semi-soft cheeses or cheese buns. It is usually served in very thin slices as a starter or as a light main course. Noumboulo is mainly used in cold recipes such as salads, or sautéed with pasta along with green olives, capers, rocket and Parmesan cheese.

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The “CORFU MEAT COMPANY SA” with the distinctive title “CO.ME.CO S.A.” was founded in Corfu by Lavranos family.

Since 2001 the company has been producing, processing and packaging meat products and charcuterie at its state of the art facilities.

In 2008 the company expanded its business and modernized its facilities.

The philosophy of CO.ME.CO S.A. is quality, security, stability.

This is achieved with the strict criteria our company has set concerning the procurement of raw materials, the way they are transferred, received, meticulously tested, and taken to refrigerators where they are preserved in conditions, which are automatically recorded, aiming at the full control of the cold chain.


Wide range of high quality meat products


Wide range of high quality meat products