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Corfu Beer

Corfu Beer


The Corfu Microbrewery is situated in Arillas, in the northwestern corner of Corfu. The company began its operations amid crisis in 2009 with a production of 80,000 bottles of beer, 70,000 euros turnover and three employees . The production in 2012 was 500,000 bottles, while in 2013 it increased by 30%.

The company started out with two ale with the tag of «Corfu Beer»: the Real Ale Special (reddish-beige with a fruity flavor) and Real Ale Bitter (brown, slightly bitter). In 2010, a new label, the «Ionian», was the first blond product tagged «Royal Ionian» and «Ionian Epos». In 2012 the industry produced the KOROIBOS, hosted as the official beer of Wetherspoon for the London Olympics.


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The Corfu natural beer fits perfectly with traditional Corfiot meat products like the Noumpalo Foukamido and many Corfiot chefs combine them in original recipes. One of them is stuffed figs.

Stuffed Figs with Corfiot beer cream and natural noumboulo recipe:

The recipe uses dried figs soaked in a bowl with the natural blonde Corfu beer. Once softened they are cut in half and placed on a platter. For the filling mix 120gr Corfu Beer, 100gr Corfu honey and 4 egg yolks and stir over low heat until the mixture thickens. After the sauce is left to cool down add 225gr of fresh Corfu white cheese “mizithra”. After homogenizing the cream addsome fresh thyme and chopped noumboulo. Place cream in the refrigerator to cool well and then fill the figs and serve with thin slices of noumboulo.

“A pint a day keeps the doctor away” they say and they talk about Real Ale. Real Ale is a nutritious drink and daily consumption can provide you with

Real Ale is rich in vitamin B, minerals, trace elements and antioxidants. The malt used is certified and high quality, while none of the ingredients are altered during the production process

Address: Corfu Beer, Arillas

 Corfu 4908,1 Greece


 Contact Name: Corfu beer


"Corfu Beer" is the first brewery to brew real ale in Greece. 

Situated on North west of Corfu, we are an important part of the local community.

Brewingbeers for Greece and the world, we use only the finest of ingredients for our beers, ensuring a consistent and full flavour. Brewed with no preservatives!


Wide variety of high quality beers.



  • Bitter
  • Special
  • Ionian Pilsner
  • Ionian Epos
  • Ionian Gold
  • 1842 Ginger Beer


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