Saturday, September 21, 2019

Cheese from bellows (sack cheese)

Cheese from bellows (sack cheese)

It is produced on individual farms, from not skimmed, not pasteurized, whole milk according traditional recipe. Tradition of making this kind of cheese is as long as cattle breeding. Cheese is put in a light brown sack of sheepskin, whose front side is turned inside out. It is produced in the villages of Herzegovina, especially in the area around the town of Nevesinje. Raw milk for sack cheese comes from sheep’s or cows, or the combination of the two. Sheep milk comes from pramenka sheep, and the cow milk from two native breeds: buša and gatačka cattle (both breeds in decline however).

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Best to serve with ham and donuts. Also, good to use for cheese pie.
It is piquant whole milk cheese, high nutritive values served as cold starter meal, not for thermal processing because in that case it nutritive values disappear.

Chemical ingredients (%)

Moisture 21,02

Fat  39,5

Dry fat matter  49,54

Proteins 31,71

Ach        2,8

NaCl      5,44

Ca           0,27

P             0,5

Milk acid 0,85

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