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QM Honey

QM Honey

Honey is a typically Mediterranean product, in fact It has always been used in the Mediterranean countries. It has experienced in a major role in the Italy renaissance in the kitchen thanks to sophisticated features and is also now used in many recipes. The honey is a product of the transformation of bee (Apis mellifera) and is divided to its origin, its transformation and usage, so honey can be considered not only as a food that is good for health but as food sublime.

Honey product by bees to the transformation of flowers secretions (nectar) and of particular insects secretions (honeydew).  The goodness of honey depends on two factors: the work of bees and human intervention to extract it and make it available to the consumer.  The honey is stored by bees in the cells constructed in the combs with waxy material, and is then extracted by centrifugation, decanted into  suitable containers and reported in jars. Through this process very simple product honey kept intact exactly like they got the bees. 

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We can use honey in many different ways. It’s used to prepared many typical products in kitchen, so is a fact very important to keep traditions . Honey has ancient origins, but most important period in considered Italian renaissance. 

During this period, where Italy has the most skilled chefs, creative and well-known in Europe, who brought Italian cuisine to the highest degree of sophistication and prestige. Honey is using the shell as a main ingredient in many recipes or simply as a sweetener.


Jogurt and honey cake

Preheat oven to 180 °. Put eggs in a bowl and beat then add the flour, olive oil, yogurt, lemon zest, grated apple and yeast. Mix everything, taking care not forms lamps. Grease and dust with flour cake pan and pour the mixture. Bake for about 30 minutes. 


Salad with fruit vegetables and honey

Wash, cut and place in a serving dish vegetables and fruit, slice the radishes and fennel thinly, add the olives and the rest of the vegetables and toasted pine nuts for garnish.  

Squeeze the lemon and filter the juice, then  in a container to prepare extra virgin olive oil with salt and pepper according to your taste, add honey and lemon, beat vigorously with a fork. These sauce will used  as a dressing to salad. Arrange the vegetables and fruits at the last minute before serving table, to prevent the vegetables from being burnt lemon. 




The composition is very simple, in fact honey is composed by water, two simple sugar tipes (fructose and glucose), acids, protein, salt, calcium and phosphorus, tannin, phosphates and vitamins. The fructose concentration reaches 95%. Honey is indicated in children diet because it allow to fix mineral salt. The are many and varied therapeutic properties of honey, they depend of the type. In general, however, the honey is an excellent anti-inflammatory and has sedative effects against nervousness.  Wildflower honey is used to detoxify the liver; the chestnut honey promotes blood circulation and it’s used as urinary disinfectant. For these reasons, it is recommended for children and the elderly.  


Honey is composed almost exclusively of sugars that are from 95 to more than 99% of dry matter. Simple sugars (fructose and glucose) constitute the greater part of the whole of sugars up to reach 95%. With this component sugars, especially fructose, honey is a good food can fit into a balanced diet.

The great advantage of honey is that it can provide the body with calories readily available, without requiring digestive processes and without making indigestible substances or harmful. From this derives its value for both healthy people and for those emaciated or sick. In addition, honey is a complete food than sugar, is contributing important substances in the body such as minerals, proteins and vitamins