Saturday, September 21, 2019

Dried Figs

Along with the olive tree and grapevine, the fig tree is one of the most characteristic symbols of the Mediterranean landscape. After being unjustifiably neglected for long time, this ancient fruit in increasingly used in cuisine. In Istria, fig cultivation is a supplementary agricultural activity with good market prospects, which preserves the traditional cultural and physical landscape. The cultivation of figs is characterized by nature-friendly as it does not display commercially harmful diseases nor is attacked by dangerous pests.


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Dried figs are perfect as a healthy snacks.

Loaf is made from milled dried figs. In the following step the mass is  kneaded to the form of loaf. Loaf is then left to dry for some time and finally vacuumed to prevent further dehydration). 
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The fig is a delicious and nutritive fruit Fresh and dried figs are especially rich in fiber, trace minerals, antioxidant polyphenols, proteins, sugars, organic acids, and volatile compounds that provide a pleasant characteristic aroma.

Proper drying techniques enable preservation of all biological compaunds. Dried figs therefore represents valuable supplement in diets, which has due to rich nutritional compounds positive influence on human body.